Thursday, January 29, 2009

Celso's history with legacy

Ito ang bahagi ng buhay ni Celso na sinulat ni patrick ng The Council, sa files ng Inquirer, at dinagdagan ko lang ng kaunting kaalaman ko. Kung gusto mo maging criminal mastermind, subaybayin mo ang buhay ni celso. Marami yata siyang natutunan sa pagaral niya sa Asian Institute of Management at nakatapos siya ng Masters in Business Management 1976. Ngayon, master siya ng criminal business management, at itong kasaysayan niya ay nagpapatunay sa kanyang galing.

1984—THE CENTRAL Bank of the Philippines closes three banks linked to Celso de los Angeles Jr. At least 28 estafa cases are filed against him, and he is put on a watch list preventing his entry into the banking business. All cases against him end up being dismissed.

1997- CDLA acquires Scholarship Plans Philippines, Inc. (SPPI) and Consolidated Plans, Inc. and merges them into Legacy Consolidated Plans, Inc. and becomes its chairman and president.

1999—Despite being on the watch list, CDLA re-enters the banking system as chair of Rural Bank of ParaƱaque (ROBP), which was acquired by Legacy Plans.

Aug. 31, 1999—The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas informs CDLA of his disqualification, prompting him to relinquish his post as chairman of RBOP.

December,2000- Chavit Singson names CDLA as a jueteng operator who issued for the account of ex-President Estrada a bounced check amounting to one million eight hundred thousand pesos (P1,800,000.00).

2001- Ran (but lost)for Marikina City’s lone congressional seat as an independent candidate under the Samahang Maka-Bayan (SMB)—Citizens Guard Alliance (CGA) umbrella.

June 8, 2001—BSP approves Legacy’s acquisition of RBOP and CDLA reclaims chairmanship.

2001- Majority leader Prospero Nograles admits that this was the year he started investing into Legacy.

December 2001—BSP examiners find evidence of continuing involvement of CDLA in RBOP.

Jan. 24, 2002—The Monetary Board defers action on his request to be removed from its watchlist, pending review.

Oct. 3, 2002— CDLA tells the BSP that he has no intention of reentering banking, but only wants to be removed from the watch list so that the issue would not be used against him.

Dec. 10, 2002—He completes BSP requirements for removal from the watch list.

Feb. 14, 2003—The MB approves his request to be removed from BSP watch list.

2004- Prospero Nograles says that he pulled out his legacy investments to fund his reelection campaign.

September 2004- VP Noli de Castro appoints CDLA, his friend and big-time campaign contributor, as chairman of the National Home Mortgage Corporation, the agency that provides community mortgage programs to urban poor groups. De los Angeles didn't last a year in office. Nongovernmental organizations in the housing sector say that the few months that de los Angeles headed the agency was a time of "flagrant and brazen graft and corruption" at the NHMFC.

2005—PDIC probes rural banks found offering high yields to clients, eventually finding that these banks are linked to De los Angeles; PDIC president Ric Tan is invited to meet with then House Majority Leader Prospero Nograles in Shangri-la hotel but is surprised to see Celso de los Angeles, a Lakas partymate of De los Angeles. Nograles allegedly requests Tan to go easy on its investigations on the legacy banks.

April 2005—BSP examination finds that five Legacy rural banks are deficient in capital.

April 1, 2006—Tan relinquishes post at the PDIC as his term expires.

May 2007- Ran and won the mayorship of Sto. Domingo, Albay.

July 2007—Another BSP probe finds that the number of capital-deficient Legacy banks has increased to nine banks with an estimated deficiency of P2.5 billion.

December 2007—Jose Nograles, brother of Prospero, is named PDIC president.

2008- During birthday party of Legacy chairman CDLA, the main guests were reportedly House Speaker Prospero Nograles and former congressman Prospero Pichay.

May 2008—Legacy rural banks obtain court order from the Manila RTC preventing the MB from acting on the findings of the latest BSP audit; the BSP appeal is rejected.

June 2008- During victory party hosted by CDLA for Manila RTC’s issuance of the TRO, Speaker Nograles is reportedly seen in the party.

June 2008—BSP elevates the case to the Court of Appeals.

Sept 2008- In his radio program in DZGB, Celso broadcasts in Tagalog: “I have P1.8 billion net income, I will spend this money in the 2010 elections to topple him (Gov. Joey Salceda) down and all his political allies.”

October 2008—The CA upholds RTC decision, preventing the BSP from closing the rural banks.

November 2008—The BSP elevates appeal to the Supreme Court, which overturns the appellate and RTC rulings, allowing regulators to act on the recommendations of the BSP recommendations.

December 2008- Janet Ortiz, the VP of legacy in Davao, informed all her investors that Speaker Prospero Nograles invested P30 Million in PNBB and after the bouncing checks of Legacy became universal, Nograles was paid immediately and completely by CDLA of the 30Million last December 2008.

December 2008-January 2009—One after another, 13 rural banks linked to the Legacy group cease operations voluntarily; the BSP places them under PDIC receivership.

January 2009. Nineteen investors in celso's legacy pre-need buyback plans file with the NBI, cases for syndicated estafa and violatins of BP22 against CDLA, his son Nicolo Martin, and other officers. Many investors hold checks personally signed by celso, who also had personally met them last year to assure them that all was well in his legacy companies.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Depository Bank of Celso

Sa Ayala Alabang Country Club list of members dated March, 2008, si Celso delos Angeles, Jr. as ang official company representative ng Asiatrust Development Bank.

Alam natin na isa sa mga banks na ginamit ng Rural Bank of Paranaque sa pag-issue ng kanilang mga pdcs ay ang Asiatrust. Pero hindi ito sapat na dahilan na gagawing company rep si Celso ng bangko sa sikat at mamahalin na country club unless siya ay bank officer o stockholder. Alam naman natin na hindi siya empleyado ng bangko, so ibig sabihin ay stockholder siya.

Binasa ko ang October 13, 2008 top 100 stockholders report ng Asiatrust bank sa Phil Stock Exchange, at wala akong nakitang pangalan ni Celso sa lista. Pero meron akong nakitang pangalan ng nagiisang bangko- BMS Rural Bank, Inc. Hmmm, connectado ba ang bangkong ito kay Celso? At ito ba ang rason kung bakit si Celso ay ang representative ng Asiatrust bank sa Ayala Alabang Country Club?

Basta! sigurado ako na malaking depositor si Celso sa Asiatrust. Ang hindi ko alam ay kung stockholder si Celso ng BMS rural bank.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celso sells Ayala Alabang lot for P57 million

PHILSTAR ORA MISMO ni Butch M. Quejada Update January 20, 2009

Ayon sa mga asset ng mga kuwago ng ORA MISMO, nagbenta ng may 3,013 metro kuwadradong lupa sa Ayala Alabang si Celso delos Angeles, isa sa Legacy owner at nabayaran ito ng P57 million.

Ika nga, may paper trail. Hehehe!

Dec. 2, 2008, nakabentahan at sa asawa bebot ng isang Intsik ito ipinangalan.

Sabi ng mga asset ng mga kuwago ng ORA MISMO, P18,000 per square meters ang zonal value ng lupa ni Celso sa Ayala Alabang.

Bakit kaya ibinenta ang lupa ni Celso para hindi ma­habol? Hehehe!

Galing ito sa Philippine Star website. Ang Banco Paranaque at Pilipino Rural Bank ang mga naunang bangko na nag-bank holiday noong Dec. 8, 2008. Celso sold the lot last Dec. 2, 2008. Thia is evidence that Celso had plans to close the banks last August or September or October because it is not easy to find a buyer nor negotiate a sale in such a hurry. It would take quite some time to find a buyer who has 57 million pesos. How many more properties did Celso dispose of before December? Siguradong sigurado ako na si Celso ay may nakatagong milyon milyon o billion na pesos (malamang converted to dollars). Tanong ay kung saan niya nailagay ang pera niya- sa bangko ba o sa bayong?

Abangan ang sunod na posting para mapangalanan ang isang commercial bank na malamang humahawak sa kanyang hidden wealth.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Celso has admitted how much moolah he has!!!

May kasabihan tayo na ang isda ay nahuhuli sa sariling bibig. So pakinggan natin si Celso na nagyabang sa sariling programa niya sa radyo na gaano karaming pera ang natikum niya. Pakibasa ang news report nito:

Salceda foe flexes muscles for 2010
By. Rhaydz B. Barcia
September 4, 2008

LEGAZPI CITY --- Barely a-year-and-a-half before the 2010 elections take place, the upcoming gubernatorial race in Albay already has begun to heat up after a “Marikina Boy” declared to spend his P1.8 billion net income to bring down incumbent Albay Gov. Joey Sarte Salceda from his perch.

Sto. Domingo Mayor Celso de los Angeles alias “Boss Boy/Sisi,” a native of Marikina City who migrated in this province. said he is ready for the 2010 local elections and vowed to clobber Salceda in an exciting gubernatorial contest.

“I have P1.8 billion net income, I will spend this money in the 2010 elections to topple him (Gov. Salceda) down and all his political allies,” De Los Angeles said in Tagalog in his radio program over DZGB based in this city.

De Los Angeles’ bold challenge came amidst speculation that he has in fact started an “all out demolition job or black propaganda” against his strongest political nemesis in the 2010 political skirmish.

So kung sinabi nya mismo ito, hindi malayo na kalahati lang ang inamin niya. Puedeng pwede na P3.6 billion pesos ang personal fortune niya kasi human nature lang na hindi lahat sasabihin ang tao lalo pa kung nasa rural banking at pre-need lang ang business na pinagkakitaan niya. Magduda na talaga ang tao bayan kung sasabihin niya ang totoo yaman niya kasi magiisip na tayo na sinasiphon na niya ang mga deposits at investments. I personally believe na more than P5 billion pesos na ang personal fortune niya- magkano kaya ang binayad ni Celso sa BIR in personal income taxes kung nakaabot ang personal net income niya sa halagang P1.8 billion pesos?

So far, we know that mayroon siyang mansion sa ayala alabang, cebu at albay, at may photos tayo for evidence. We also know for a fact that he has a house in Makati and Batangas (doon nga nagshooting si Regine Tolentino para sa tv ads of Celso's). Sigurado ako na meron siyang mga bahay abroad (pasok mo ang phrase nito sa google "Residence of Hon. Celso "Boss Boy" G. delos Angeles, Jr"). At meron siyang yacht na pangalan ay M/V Legacy.

Ito, at maraming pang ibang ari-arian ni celso na hindi pa natin alam, ang katas ng pnbb, loans from legacy banks, at iba ibang scams na inoperate niya sa iba't ibang legacy companies.

Ang tanong: sino kaya ang pinaka-mayaman sa mga Filipino scammers (hindi kasama ang nasa gobyerno): si Rosario Baladjay ng Multitel or si Celso de los Angeles? Kung maalala natin, ang Multitel ay nakaloko din ng 950,000 investors. Please vote and explain why.

Para sa akin, si Baladjay pa rin ang all-time record breaker sa scams. Kasi ang total assets ng 13 legacy banks ay about P17.8 billion (P2.3 billion in cash or near cash; P8.0 billion in loan receivables; P7.5 billion in acquired assets) daw pero ang estimate ng total bank liabilities ay P16 billion. Sabihin na natin na nadivert kay Celso ay P2 billion in fictitious loans. Sa pnbb, estimate ay P2 billion ang total investments at halos lahat ito ay nadivert kay Celso. Throw in another P500 million nai-siphon niya galing sa other companies, ang minimum na kinita ni Celso ay P4.5 billion pesos. Kung i-average lang natin na kumita si Baladjay ng 10,000 pesos/multitel investor and i-multiply natin ito sa 950,000 investors, ang grand total na na-scam ni baladjay ay P9.5 billion.