Thursday, February 19, 2009

The face of a criminal genius

Ano kaya ang nasa isip ni Celso when this picture was taken? He was in the House of Representa"thieves" and therefore was at ease among his species. Nothing to worry about since he has so many friends in congress, foremost among them is allegedly the Speaker of the House. Oh! I forgot, may mga congressmen pala na nakainvest daw ng millions sa preneed buyback plan at galit kay Celso at sa Speaker kasi hindi nababawi pa ang pera nila. And they know that the Speaker's millions have been returned by Celso. So therefore parang alert and wary ang expression ni Celso sa picture na ito.

Ito ba ang mukha na pagkakatiwalaan at paniniwalaan mo sa mga sinasabi niya? that he will find a way to return the principal to the preneed investors who are owed billions, not counting the double your money in interest income? Eh kung ang binigay niyang jewelry kay Regine ay binawi niya, ano pa kaya ang perang nasa kamay na niya?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Politicians we get

You start as a crook and then end up as a congressman or mayor. That is what Celso did- he started by going on a binge of buying undercapitalized banks and small-time preneed companies, ripping the banks and investors, and then ran for mayor of a small town. That is also what the news is reporting about Joc-joc Bolante who is reportedly thinking about running as congressman. That is what Virgilio Garcillano tried to do in the 2007 elections when he ran (and thankfully lost) for a congressional seat in his hometown of Bukidnon. Why do these crooks want to be politicians? Ask the Prosperos identified with Celso's legacy grooup of companies and you may get the answer from the horses' mouths. Or you can ask Kabayan Noli de Castro, who Celso campaigned for and supported and for that Celso was amply rewarded a high position in government. But then again, no need to ask when you already know the answer.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Unaccounted ayala alabang mansion ni Celso

Parang hindi alam ni Sen Mar Roxas na Celso still has a house in ayala alabang village. Ito ang bahay na ang address ay 303 Country Club drive- this is a house and lot estate. Iba ang nabenta na worth P57 million pesos- lot lang yun na may laking 3,000 plus sqm. This lot was sold first week of December 2008. Ito yata ang ayala alabang property na sinasabi ni Celso na part of the annulment settlement with his wife. Pero teka nga- di ba sa mga syndicated estafa cases na-file against Celso, kasama sa mga respondents ay ang asawa ni Celso na ang pangalan ay Maria Concepcion. Does it mean na hiwalay si Celso sa kanyang asawa sa kama pero kasama sila sa negosyo? O kuwento lang ni Celso na hiwalay siya sa kanyang asawa para matransfer ni Celso ang kanyang ari-arian to the name of his wife? Pero one thing is for sure, Celso has more properties here and abroad. He has reportedly disposed of his printing press. De los Angeles sold the Goss Community SSC printing press for an undetermined amount to National Press Club president Benny Antiporda, who acquired majority ownership of the tabloid Remate, which used to be owned by former congressman Prospero Pichay. Is this the same Pichay who had reportedly been seen attending parties hosted by Celso?

So the Cebu property that we featured last month sits on a 1,900 sqm lot and is located in punta engano, lapu-lapu city. The newspapers report that starlets Maui Taylor and Katya Santos had visited this resthouse that is built on top of a cliff. And the yacht previously named M/V Legacy has now been renamed The Sto. Domingo; obviously to prevent the yacht from suffering the same fate as the sunken holding company called what else- the Legacy group of companies. How about this sprawling resort located at the foot of Mayon Volcano? Does anyone know how big this is? And how big and expensive is the Black Sands Resorts which Celso (Legacy?)bought and now calls his home in Sto. Domingo, Albay?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Celso meeting in his ayala alabang mansion last night?

Last night, the house of Celso located in 303 Country Club Drive was ablazed with lights. Walang kaduda duda na nagstrategize na naman ang mga lawyers ni Celso paano ma- 1 2 3 na naman ang House of Representatives. Kasi may scheduled hearing today sa House about the simultaneous collapse of the pre-need firms and rurals banks of the legacy group which everybody including celso acknowledges as owned by Celso de los Angeles. In the first hearing where Celso voluntarily presented himself, he was able to achieve his mission of painting Prosperous Nograles as a victim who had millions of pesos still tied in legacy. Now his mission in the House is to distance himself away from the acts of his legacy officers who have been charged by the BSP of several criminal offenses. How will he do this? Let's watch the House hearing now and see firsthand how a masterful criminal operates. Smooth moderated voice that white hair, head bowed is how Celso is televised during the hearings- doesn't his look and demeanor bear a striking resemblance to Jocjoc's?

Segue: Spent the whole day listening and watching ANC's special coverage of the House investigation of celso and the legacy banks. Most of the congressmen were shocked and disappointed to hear that after two batches of criminal cases filed, nowhere is the name of Celso de los Angeles listed as one of the respondents. No need to go into the details of this hearing which would have been boring wherein previously known facts were just rehashed, except for two events:
a. Rufus Rodriguez unabashed display of anger at celso and frustration with BSP's inability to file one single case against celso; and
b. Villafuerte's one hour plus monologue that masked his mission of giving Celso a chance to redeem himself while lambasting BSP for imagined faults. If you read between the paragraphs, you cannot help but notice that Villafuerte was favoring Celso by giving him a lot of airtime to explain the feasibility of his "business plan."

So ang meeting pala last night ay more sinister: to use cong. Luis Villafuerte as his guardian in the House who would divert attention to the BSP's role in the fiasoo. Did Villafuerte succeed? he would have if he just kept it short and simple but since he obviously loves to hear himself speak, his long-drawn monologues served to expose his dastardly pro-Celso bias.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Prosperous Speaker of the House of Legacy

Talk about moro-moro. Celso just lets out sa Senate hearing na may P10 million pa si prosperous nograles sa legacy plans, at hindi pa niya nakolekta. Pero the next day when he was interviewed by reporters kung meron pang ibang politico na nakainvest sa legacy plans, sabi niya he should respect the privacy and confidentiality of investors. He even said that he was wrong to mention the investment of speaker nograles. Ito ang pinagmeeting nila ni Nograles sa ayala alabang mansion one day before the senate hearing. Maski hindi siya imbitado ng senate, Celso voluntarily presented himself. Why? to exculpate Nograles by painting the latter as a victim, like any other ordinary investor who has lost money in legacy plans.

Nograles is in deep trouble. It is rumoured that there are other congressmen who were invited by Nograles to invest in legacy, and are now asking Celso to help them get their money back. He has been nailed by Ricardo Tan, ex-PDIC president, as trying to intercede for Celso when his banks where under investigation. He is rumoured to be a partner of Celso in his legacy conglomerate, and has been protecting legacy from BSP, SEC, and other govt. agencies. He was seen in parties hosted by Celso. In December, 2008, the VP for Legacy Mindanao, Janet Ortiz, announced in a meeting of legacy agents and investors that prospero nograles was paid P30 million as refund of his investments. Today, prosperous nograles is telling anyone who would listen that he has not recovered 40% of his money in legacy. So if he has P10 million still in legacy, both nograles and de los angeles have confirmed this fact, and this is 40% of Nograles' original investment, then his initial investment must have been P25 million. But if we are to believe Ms. Ortiz, nograles got P30 million last December. Then we can only conclude one of two things: 1. that nograles is lying through his teeth, and that last December, 2008, he was able to pull out all his investments of P25 million and was paid an extra P5 million for his troubles, or 2. nograles was paid P30 million, part of his original investment plus interest, and still has P10 million collectible in legacy. Either way, prospero nograles really deserves his new monicker- prosperous.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Celso admits to selling his Ayala Alabang lot- you read it first in this blog!

Sa senate hearing today, inamin ni celso de los angeles na binenta niya sa first week ng December ang ayala alabang lot na may laki ng 3,000 sqm sa halaga ng 55 milyon plus. Nabasa ninyo first sa blog na ito na nireport natin ang tsismis na ito na galing ng Oro Mismo- ngayon ay hindi ito tsimis kundi the truth, and nothing but the truth. Ang actual kinita ni celso ayon sa tabloid ay P57 million. Pero sabi ni celso ay ito lang ang property niya na binenta niya? naniniwala ba kayo na wala siyang ibang asset na na-dispose na? sa tingin namin, inamin niya lang sale ng ayala alabang lot kasi nabuko na siya care of Oro Mismo and this blog (bow).

Kagabi, ni-report namin na tila may meeting na nangyari sa mansion ni celso sa 303 country club drive, ayala alabang village. How did we know? kasi lahat ng hanging lights sa tree at ang lights along the fence ay all ablaze. At ang haka haka namin ay ang meeting is all about today's Senate hearing. Ngayon, nagpakita si celso sa senate, kahit hindi siya imbitado. Take note: he was not invited but he voluntarily presented himself. Pinalabas niya sa mga senador na willing to cooperate siya, at therefore, lahat na kanyang sasabihin ay totoo. Galing ng strategy ni celso, especially after the fact na hindi siya nagpakita sa hearing sa house of representatives kahit dito ay imbitado siya. Tama talaga ang analysis natin- alam ni celso na kayang kaya niyang i-snub ang House hearing kasi maraming siyang protector doon. Pero sa senado na wala siyang kasangga, nagpapogi points siya by pre-empting the senate with his uninvited and surprise attendance.

I hope the senate can clearly see through this first-class con man.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meeting in his Ayala Alabang house?

Kagabi sa oras ng 7:30 pm dinaanan namin ang mansion ni Celso sa 303 Country Club Drive sa Ayala Alabang at sobrang liwanag ang bahay at ang punongkahoy na nasa loob ng kanyang compound. Punong puno ng long white christmas lights na nakabitay sa mga sanga ng kelaking punong kahoy at lahat ito ay naka-ilaw.

Ano kaya ang ibig sabihin nito? May mga bisita si Celso pero bakit wala kang makitang mga kotse na naka-park sa labas? kasi pinapark niya sa loob ng malawak na driveway at garahe. Bakit? para hindi makita ang license plates ng mga magarang kotse. Posible kaya na binibisitahan siya ni Prospero Nograles, Prospero Pichay, mga abogado at iba ibang galamay ni Celso na nakapuesto sa gobyerno. At bakit nag mi-meeting sila?

May investigation gagawin ang senado at pinaguusapan nila ang strategy nila. Inisnub ni Celso ang hearing sa kamara last week kasi alam niya na kayang kaya niya ang kongreso. Siguradong sigurado siya na sa tulong ni Nograles at ibang mga kaibigang kongresista na hindi siya masubpoena. Pero ibang usapan kung hindi niya paunlakan ang invitacion ng Senado- posibleng masubpoena siya.

Ito ay haka haka lang. Malimit na dinadaanan ko ang mansion ni Celso sa address na ito (siguradong marami siyang mansion) pero ngayon ko lang nakitang nakasindi ang lahat ng mga ilaw. 1+1=2