Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Politicians we get

You start as a crook and then end up as a congressman or mayor. That is what Celso did- he started by going on a binge of buying undercapitalized banks and small-time preneed companies, ripping the banks and investors, and then ran for mayor of a small town. That is also what the news is reporting about Joc-joc Bolante who is reportedly thinking about running as congressman. That is what Virgilio Garcillano tried to do in the 2007 elections when he ran (and thankfully lost) for a congressional seat in his hometown of Bukidnon. Why do these crooks want to be politicians? Ask the Prosperos identified with Celso's legacy grooup of companies and you may get the answer from the horses' mouths. Or you can ask Kabayan Noli de Castro, who Celso campaigned for and supported and for that Celso was amply rewarded a high position in government. But then again, no need to ask when you already know the answer.


  1. May the Lord Judge his Soul.

  2. Yes, but before that, may the Lord give us the chance to punish his body.