Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Prosperous Speaker of the House of Legacy

Talk about moro-moro. Celso just lets out sa Senate hearing na may P10 million pa si prosperous nograles sa legacy plans, at hindi pa niya nakolekta. Pero the next day when he was interviewed by reporters kung meron pang ibang politico na nakainvest sa legacy plans, sabi niya he should respect the privacy and confidentiality of investors. He even said that he was wrong to mention the investment of speaker nograles. Ito ang pinagmeeting nila ni Nograles sa ayala alabang mansion one day before the senate hearing. Maski hindi siya imbitado ng senate, Celso voluntarily presented himself. Why? to exculpate Nograles by painting the latter as a victim, like any other ordinary investor who has lost money in legacy plans.

Nograles is in deep trouble. It is rumoured that there are other congressmen who were invited by Nograles to invest in legacy, and are now asking Celso to help them get their money back. He has been nailed by Ricardo Tan, ex-PDIC president, as trying to intercede for Celso when his banks where under investigation. He is rumoured to be a partner of Celso in his legacy conglomerate, and has been protecting legacy from BSP, SEC, and other govt. agencies. He was seen in parties hosted by Celso. In December, 2008, the VP for Legacy Mindanao, Janet Ortiz, announced in a meeting of legacy agents and investors that prospero nograles was paid P30 million as refund of his investments. Today, prosperous nograles is telling anyone who would listen that he has not recovered 40% of his money in legacy. So if he has P10 million still in legacy, both nograles and de los angeles have confirmed this fact, and this is 40% of Nograles' original investment, then his initial investment must have been P25 million. But if we are to believe Ms. Ortiz, nograles got P30 million last December. Then we can only conclude one of two things: 1. that nograles is lying through his teeth, and that last December, 2008, he was able to pull out all his investments of P25 million and was paid an extra P5 million for his troubles, or 2. nograles was paid P30 million, part of his original investment plus interest, and still has P10 million collectible in legacy. Either way, prospero nograles really deserves his new monicker- prosperous.

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