Sunday, February 8, 2009

Celso meeting in his ayala alabang mansion last night?

Last night, the house of Celso located in 303 Country Club Drive was ablazed with lights. Walang kaduda duda na nagstrategize na naman ang mga lawyers ni Celso paano ma- 1 2 3 na naman ang House of Representatives. Kasi may scheduled hearing today sa House about the simultaneous collapse of the pre-need firms and rurals banks of the legacy group which everybody including celso acknowledges as owned by Celso de los Angeles. In the first hearing where Celso voluntarily presented himself, he was able to achieve his mission of painting Prosperous Nograles as a victim who had millions of pesos still tied in legacy. Now his mission in the House is to distance himself away from the acts of his legacy officers who have been charged by the BSP of several criminal offenses. How will he do this? Let's watch the House hearing now and see firsthand how a masterful criminal operates. Smooth moderated voice that white hair, head bowed is how Celso is televised during the hearings- doesn't his look and demeanor bear a striking resemblance to Jocjoc's?

Segue: Spent the whole day listening and watching ANC's special coverage of the House investigation of celso and the legacy banks. Most of the congressmen were shocked and disappointed to hear that after two batches of criminal cases filed, nowhere is the name of Celso de los Angeles listed as one of the respondents. No need to go into the details of this hearing which would have been boring wherein previously known facts were just rehashed, except for two events:
a. Rufus Rodriguez unabashed display of anger at celso and frustration with BSP's inability to file one single case against celso; and
b. Villafuerte's one hour plus monologue that masked his mission of giving Celso a chance to redeem himself while lambasting BSP for imagined faults. If you read between the paragraphs, you cannot help but notice that Villafuerte was favoring Celso by giving him a lot of airtime to explain the feasibility of his "business plan."

So ang meeting pala last night ay more sinister: to use cong. Luis Villafuerte as his guardian in the House who would divert attention to the BSP's role in the fiasoo. Did Villafuerte succeed? he would have if he just kept it short and simple but since he obviously loves to hear himself speak, his long-drawn monologues served to expose his dastardly pro-Celso bias.

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