Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Another legacy from Celso

Been absent for quite a while, not just because I am preoccupied with a lot of things- foremost is the preparation and filing of claims with PDIC- but simply because nothing really new has been happening regarding Celso de los angeles. Sure, there are a lot of cases being filed in court against him but that is to be expected considering the nature of his crimes. BSP started it or was it initiated by angry investors in his preneed buyback plans? then PDIC got into the swing of things by filing two cases against him for syndicated estafa. I even read that SEC also filed a case against this criminal mastermind. Of course, here in the Philippines there is a wide gulf between filing cases and actually getting the respondent found guilty.

However, this legacy imbroglio has spawned another crime and celso is mentioned not because he is the perpetrator but because his misdeeds have created another monster. PDIC is now emerging as the criminal, led by its mastermind, its president who goes by the name of Jose Nograles. If his name sounds familiar, it is- he is the brother of Speaker Prospero Nograles. What is his crime? that will be the topic of our forthcoming blogs.

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