Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Overseas Letter from a Fil-Am Retiree

I am not at all exaggerating about my present financial condition . the family has exhausted all its savings waiting for six months now for return of insurance claims . All my credit card companies are starting to call now due last months statements remains unpaid . While we are now just paying our utility bills and the biggest one the home amortization and subsistence (food & groceries).... My only income now is $1,003 SSS monthly retirement check and the home amortization alone is $2,411.00 monthly .

If no insurance money will come in the next month , the family will have no recourse but to default in our home amortization payments.

Yours truly,

Sad to say, but true. While PGMA, cabinet secretaries, congressmen, and their families are now junketing in Japan and Brazil, Filipinos here and abroad are paying the price for our governement's incompetence and apathy for the ordinary people. This is exactly the reason why DEADBOL (go here to register) was organized: to light a fire under the a**es of our public servants and put fire in the bellies of the oppressed.

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