Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rallying Inside a Makati Office

We were excited to hear Mrs. A. Lego's (she agreed to the use of her family name) account of her scheduled visit to PDIC SSS bldg. so I called her up today. She told us that she, again with her daughter, arrived inside the PDIC office at around 3.30 pm. She noted that the Makati rally (against ConAss) was building up all around, and here she was ready to conduct her own rally inside the PDIC premises.

As usual, she ended up in front of the information counter. She forgot to ask about Atty Elaine and talked with a customer assistance officer who told her to wait for a letter. She countered that she would not leave the office until she got her check, while waiving her ultrasound findings and her husband's senior's medicine booklet. The officer got her yellow slips, and told her to wait while he checked the status of her claims. He returned with the news that a check would soon be mailed to her, but for only one claim, the P100,000 time deposit that had matured last January, 2009. She requested that the claim of her husband be included, but was told that they could only settle one claim. She asked why they could not give her the check over-the-counter; she was told that checks are mailed. So Mrs. Lego is giving the PDIC until Tuesday next week to make good its promise.

Mrs. Lego's experience with PDIC provides us with two learning points:
a. If you are willing to create a scene in the PDIC office, and do it frequently, you may get a check mailed to you;
b. PDIC cannot pay all claims at the same time- Mrs. Lego and her children had a total of six CTDs but only one could be settled. This just confirms our contention that PDIC is insolvent despite its P61.5 billion DIF, and is settling claims based on its monthly collections from the banks. Using the verification process as an excuse is just that, a subterfuge to stall and delay paying legitimate claims.

Wouldn't it be interesting to know if or when Mrs. Lego actually receives her first check? Subaybayan...

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